Set the meal to be given at the time of Action.

The nutritional balance consists of Energy, Body, and Condition, and decreases by 5 each week.

The following items are set for each type of meal.

  • Fatigue recovery

  • Stress recovery

  • Increase/decrease of body type value

  • Increase or decrease ofdegree of friendship according to preference

  • Variation of training policy according to preference

  • Energy

  • Body

  • Condition

  1. Current Nutritional Balance

    Affects the likelihood of becoming sick.

    • Yellow: Energy

    • Green: Body

    • Orange: Condition

  2. Choice of Meal

    The background color represents the most abundant nutrient.

  3. Meals Preferred by the Monster

  4. Meals Disliked by the Monster

  5. Premium

    Checking the box improves the effectiveness of the meal instead of increasing the BIT you pay.

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