📔Closed Alpha

This page explains how to operate Closed Alpha with actual game screens.


  1. Only accounts that own Hash Chip NFT and related parties on some Allow Lists may play.

  2. The game is intended for use in a PC browser environment. It is not intended to be played on smartphones or tablets.

  3. Play content will not be carried over to future releases.

  4. Updates may be made in real time.

  5. Content may take time to load when first launching or updating, etc. Playing in a Wi-Fi environment is recommended.

  6. One each of 48 Monsters and one each of 7 Farms will be distributed at first login. For more information on each parameter, please visit the Mint or Farm page.

Overall Flow

  1. First, go to the Farm screen and place a Monster on the Farm to train it.

  2. After you have raised your Monster to some extent, challenge the Tournament on the Farm screen.

    1. The in-game currency "BIT" will decrease in the process of training. Challenge tournaments as needed to earn BIT.

    2. Winning an official match held in the fourth week of March, June, September, and December of in-game time will increase Monster's Rank.

    3. Monsters can only challenge tournaments that match their Rank, and as their Rank increases, so does the strength of their opponents, so be sure to increase your Rank systematically.

    4. Free Battle on the Home screen allows you to test your strength without penalty. Please make use of it.

  3. Try to train various Monsters. This time, we will conduct a campaign to compete for the overall strength of Monsters.


Contents implemented in the demo version

  • Monster raising (6 types)

  • Free Battle

Implementation in Closed Alpha

  • Additional Monsters (+42 types) *UPA will be implemented later

  • Exploration is added to the raising.

  • Some items

  • Tournament (PvE)

  • Monster Rank

  • Skill Cost Monster

  • Trait

  • Farm Replacement

  • Double speed and auto mode for Battle

  • Reduce the required ranks in skills, Intensive training, and Exploration by one level.

  • Setting functions

To be implemented from the Closed Beta until the release of the product.

  • Additional Monsters (+94 types and up)

  • Monster Bag

  • Regeneration

  • Fusion

  • Crystalize

  • Coach

  • Donate Monster

  • MA Point

  • Player Rank

  • Farm Expansion

  • Item addition

  • Shop

  • Market

  • Total Quest

  • SBT (Achievement)

  • Monster Database

  • Tutorial

  • Navigater

  • Ranking & Rewards

  • Guild

  • Sector

  • PvP(Ranked Match)

  • Friend Chat

  • Sponsored Tournament

  • and more...

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