Once a monster has been placed in the Farm, it is eligible for training. It is important to note that all actions undertaken during training will result in the consumption of the monster's lifespan.

For each monster placed (up to a maximum of three), players can select the action for each week, and that action will be executed accordingly.


At the start of each week, players are prompted to select a meal for their monster, taking into account its nutritional status (Energy, Body, and Condition) to maintain a balanced diet. Failure to maintain nutritional balance can result in illness.

In addition to meals, training items may also be used to adjust the monster's nutritional balance.

Each type of meal has a different impact on the monster's nutrient levels, fatigue, and stress.


Training induces fluctuations in basic parameters based on the monster's growth aptitude and growth type.

These fluctuations may lead to one of three outcomes: Great Success, Success, or Failure, and the amount of fluctuation is compensated accordingly.

・Basic Training (6 kinds)

One specific basic parameter will increase, and another basic parameter will also slightly increase. However, there is a possibility that fatigue and stress will increase due to this operation.

・Special Training

Each Farm has its own specific special training.

Special training may result in a large increase, small increase, or small decrease in specific basic parameters. However, the accumulation of fatigue and stress tends to be greater compared to basic training.

Intensive Training

Intensive Training may result in changes in basic parameters and the acquisition of skills and traits. There are multiple intensive training locations, which will affect the acquiring skills and traits. The probability of acquiring new skills and traits is influenced by the monster’s basic parameters.


Exploration and obtain items. Spending Exploration Tickets increases the possibility of acquiring highly effective advanced items.

・Tournament (PvE)

Participation in tournaments provides an opportunity to compete against other monsters and potentially win cash prizes and valuable items. Monster rank is determined by winning in official competitions held every three months of in-game time, and participation is restricted to monsters within the same rank range.

Certain tournaments may have specific entry requirements. Additionally, a trainer's rank can be increased by either winning an official match of the first rank challenged or by fulfilling certain predetermined conditions.

Consumption of Tournament Tickets will increase the grade of the item won.


Resting monsters help relieve accumulated fatigue and stress.


If a Monster gets injured or sick, treatment can be performed to recover a small amount of fatigue. Normal injuries or illnesses require 1 week of treatment, while serious or severe cases require 3 weeks of treatment.

Furthermore, a visit to the hospital during illness will reset the monster's nutritional status to its initial state.

・PvP Battle

Tournament Tickets may be spent to engage in PvP battles, offering the chance to win rewards. The competition will consist of a maximum of three rounds, with participants earning advanced items upon winning two or more consecutive rounds. The round will end upon the player's loss.

・Free PvP Battle

You can freely engage in PvP Battles with the Monsters you have raised. In this gameplay, there will be no changes in any of the numerical values. Additionally, in these Battles, you can also use Monsters that have left their Monster Memory.

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