There are various types of Assets in the game, which are managed on-chain and off-chain, respectively.

Those issued as NFTs can be traded at the marketplace.


This is obtained by regenerating from NFTs or by fusing monsters together.

Although they can be acquired for free, there is a limit of one at a time, and they cannot be traded (transferred).

Issuance Limit: None

・Monster Crystal (ERC-721)

Each Monster has a set player life span and can be crystallized when it reaches its maximum.

For each monster, only a single crystal can be utilized to boost it.

Monsters acquired for free can also be crystallized, but they cannot be traded (transferred).

Issuance Limit: None


Each monster has a fixed life span and when it reaches its maximum, it can turn into a coach.

Coaches can be used for each Farm to boost training.

Monsters acquired for free can turn into a coach, but cannot be traded (transferred).

Issuance Limit: None

・Monster Memory(ERC-721/SBT)

This can be acquired by coaching, crystallizing, or fusing with a monster that has used up its life span.

Issuance Limit: None


Farms serve as areas for raising and developing monsters. By replacing default farms, players can boost the growth multiplier applied to their monsters' development. Enhancements will result in an increased growth compensation value.

Issuance Limit: Yes

Training Items(ERC-1155)

These items are designed to give players an edge in training their monster.

Maximum Supply: Yes

Regeneration Items(ERC-1155)

In contrast to the standard monster regeneration utilizing NFTs, this particular item is used to regenerate a specific monster.

Accumulating multiple Hash Fragments will earn a consumable item, which, upon use, enables the regeneration of a monster.

Maximum Supply: Yes

・Genesis Hash(ERC-721)

Diverging from the normal monster regeneration process using NFTs, targeted regeneration of a specific monster is achievable. Though regeneration attempts are limited, the remaining count is reset on a quarterly basis or through restoration methods. A beneficial adjustment to the monster's abilities occurs during regeneration. Each monster has a predetermined issuance limit, which remains unchanged from the first mint.

Issuance Limit: Yes

・General Hash(ERC-721)

Diverging from the normal monster regeneration process using NFTs, targeted regeneration of a specific monster is achievable.Upon reaching the maximum number of regeneration, this will be burned. As each General Hash has a fixed issuance limit, new acquisitions cannot be made until the maximum number of regenerations is reached, and the monster is subsequently burned.

Please note that the General Hash does not have a quarterly regeneration recovery option.

Maximum Supply: Yes

Fusion Item(ERC-1155)

These are items that have special effects when monsters go through a fusion. It affects various factors such as ability values, characteristics, and seed.

Maximum Supply: Yes


Tickets are used to participate in competitions and explorations where advanced items and tokens can be won as prizes.

Issuance Limit: None


Various activities in the game are earned and recorded as SBTs.

When voting by players, weighted voting with SBTs are used.

Issuance Limit: None

In-Game Currency(SBT)

This is a currency used in the game and is needed in various situations.

This is mainly obtained as prize money from tournaments.

Issuance Limit: None

See Tokenomics page for information on issuance and supply limits


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