Teams are formed with the monsters they have raised and battle.

During battle gameplay, monsters move and attack once per turn utilizing their available skills.

The order of action is not alternated between players, but rather determined individually based on the respective monster's speed and situation.

Battle proceeds under the following conditions:

  • Select and use up to 3 monsters

  • Maximum Turn Limit: 20

  • With 15 turns remaining, a damage or unmovable square will appear on the outermost part of the stage, gradually expanding in size.

    • Unmovable Square:If a monster is situated within the square when it initially appears, it will be forced to move 1 hex inward. On Turn 5 and Turn 10, the unmovable squares will expand by 1 hex from the outermost edge of the stage, respectively.

    • Damage Square: If a monster is situated on a damage square at the beginning of the action order, it will incur damage equal to 20% of its maximum HP. Furthermore, at the start of Turn 5, Turn 10, and Turn 15, the damage square will expand by 1 hex from the outermost edge of the stage, respectively.

  • All monsters have 50 stamina at the beginning of the battle.

  • Starting from the second turn, a monster's stamina will be gradually restored each time it is their turn to act (with a unique value designated for each individual monster). The maximum stamina value is set at 100.

  • Except for the waiting action, all monster actions require consumption of stamina, which will incur a delay.

  • Movement can only be used before using skills, defense, knockback, or waiting.

  • A defensive action will increase AGI and VIT by 20% until the start of the next turn. However, this effect can be removed if the monster becomes subject to a disabling condition such as paralysis or sleep.

  • The knockback action involves moving an enemy monster adjacent to the user 1 square away in the opposite direction.

    The success rate of the knockback action is determined by calculating the DEX of the initiator against the AGI of the recipient monster.

  • The order of action is established based on the earliest SPD value, however, if a monster executed an action in the previous turn, the delay will be deducted from their current speed.

    Delay will be reseted at the start of the next action.

  • When executing a skill, performance can be increased up to a maximum of 10% (requiring 3 times the usual amount of stamina) provided that the monster possesses enough stamina.

  • When a skill successfully lands a critical hit, the inflicted damage will be increased by 25%.

  • When two monsters are in direct contact with each other, they have the ability to “knockback” 1 square at a cost of 10 stamina.

  • Up to 3 physical buffs and 3 debuffs can be simultaneously applied to a monster, in addition to 1 mental change.

  • If a new buff or debuff of the same type is applied to a monster, it will overwrite the existing one and will not accumulate. For instance, if a 20% increase in STR is granted while a 30% increase in STR still has one turn remaining, the 20% increase will overwrite the 30% increase, lasting for two turns instead.

  • A battle will end either when one of the monsters is defeated or after 20 turns have elapsed. The winner is determined by calculating the higher ratio of total remaining HP/ total maximum HP at the end of the 20th turn.

State Changes During Battle

◆Physical Buffs

  • Veil: This can nullify new debuffs only once, and the effect lasts for 2 turns.

  • Barrier: This can reduce damage by a certain percentage (depending on the skill) and lasts for 2 turns.

  • Activate: This allows the monster to recover a small percentage of its maximum HP (depending on the skill) every turn for 3 turns.

  • Energize: This can increase the monster's ST recovery by a certain percentage (depending on the skill), and the effect lasts for 3 turns.

  • Accelerate: Speed +10%, lasts 2 turns.

  • Charge: Increases the amount of damage dealt by a set amount per skill on the next attack, last 1 trun.

  • Illusion: This increases the evasion rate by a several percent (which varies depending on the skill) and lasts for 2 turns.

  • Provoke: When in attack range, only this monster can be targeted, lasting 2 turns (depending on skill).

  • Hide: This skill grants the monster invisibility, making them unable to be targeted for attacks by opponents.

    It lasts for 3 turns and will only be broken by the passage of a turn, ranged attacks or search skills from the opponent, or the use of the monster’s own skill.

  • Various parameters increase: Increased by a predetermined amount per skill, lasting 2 turns, increasing STR, INT, DEX, AGI, or VIT.

◆Mental Buffs

  • Courage:This increases damage and critical rate by a variable percentage, based on the skill level, and lasts for a duration of 3 turns.

  • Cheer: increases critical rate by a percentage (depending on the skill) and lasts for 3 turns.

  • Concentrate: The accuracy and evasion rates are increased by a certain percentage, (depending on the skill used) and this effect lasts for 2 turns.

State Changes During Battle (Debuffs)

◆Physical Debuffs

  • Poison: Inflicts damage equal to 5% of the maximum HP of the targeted monster for each turn, lasting for 3 turns.

  • Toxic: Inflicts damage equal to 10% of the target monster's maximum HP for each turn, lasting 3 turns.

  • Weakened: Stamina decreases by 10% after stamina recovery at the start of the Monster's turn. HP and stamina recovery from skills, buff and are spontaneous recovery reduced by 10% and the effect lasts for 2 turns.

  • Blind: Reduces hit and evasion rate by 15%, lasting for 1 turn.

  • Slow: Reduces Speed by 10% and Mobility by 1 (minimum Mobility is 1), lasting 1 turn.

  • Paralyze: 1 turn of inactivity.

  • Sleep: Disables any action for one turn, while increasing its stamina recovery by 50%. The effect is released when the monster takes damage.

  • Various parameters decrease: STR, INT, DEX, AGI, or VIT reduced by a set amount per skill, lasting 2 turns.

◆Mental Debuffs

  • Enrage: Damage Taken +10%, Target Damage +10%, Stamina consumption +10%, lasts for 3 turns.

  • Fear: Skill disabled, lasting 2 turns.

  • Confusion: The enemy Monster moves away (flees) to a distant location for 2 turns.

  • Charm: Randomly uses an attack skill on the nearest ally Monster. If no attack skill is available, use a recovery or support skill on the enemy Monster. lasting for 1 turn.


The following details are set for each Tournament:

  • Rank

  • Conditions to participate (Maybe Null)

  • Rewards (Increased by the use of a Tournament Ticket)

  • Schedule

  • General Public or Official Winning official matches increases the monster's rank.

PvP(Ranked Match & Free Battle)

In PvP battles, the rank of each monster is determined at the time of matching, with the monster's status and cost being limited based on the set rank. While the parameters are automatically adjusted, the skills must be reconfigured accordingly.

Parameter Max. Limit

Skill Cost Max. Limit





900 Each



750 Each



600 Each



450 Each



300 Each



150 Each


Simple Ranked Match

  • Each participating Monster consumes 1 Battle Count per match.

  • Score increases or decreases depending on the win or loss.

Prize Ranked Match

  • Consume one Tournament Ticket.

  • Each participating Monster consumes 1 Battle Count per match.

  • Up to 3 battles per Ranked Match

  • When a player is defeated, the Ranked Match ends for that session.

  • If you emerge victorious in a battle during Ranked Matches, the fight concludes for that particular battle, but you can continue to engage in up to 3 Ranked Matches.

  • Players have the ability to switch their monsters between rounds during Ranked Matches.

  • Rewards and scores earned in a Ranked Matches are subject to variation based on the number of consecutive wins achieved within a single battle, as well as the Monster Rank that has been set.

Free Battle

  • A Monster's lifespan is not consumed, and the in-game time does not progress.

  • By fusing, crystallizing, or coaching, even if you do not have the Monster on hand, you can use it if you have its Monster Memory.

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