1. Farm List

  2. Monster Rank & Name

  3. Remove Returns the placed Monster to the Bag.

  4. Bad Stats Icon will be displayed when a Monster is fatigued or injured.

  5. Monster Click on a placed Monster to replace it with another Monster.

  6. Farm Name Click on a Farm name to replace it with another Farm.

  7. Monster's Parameter1 From the top, Fatigue, Stress, and Lifespan. Click to open the General page of Monster details.

  8. Monster's Parameter2 Display of basic parameters. Click to open Battle1 of Monster details.

  9. Monster's Skill Displays the skill currently set in the monster. Click to open Battle2 of Monster Details.

  10. Raise Moves to the raising screen.

  11. Farm Slot (Monster not placed) Click to place a Monster.

  12. Farm Slot (Farm not yet placed) Click to place a Farm.

  13. Tournament(PvE) The current tournaments are displayed. For details, go to the Tournament page.

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