Farm Placement

When the game is first launched, neither Farm nor Monster are placed in the slots. Therefore, it is necessary to place a Farm and a Monster in each slot.

Closed Alpha will distribute one of the following seven types of Farms:

  • Plains

  • Forest

  • Mountain

  • Wasteland

  • Volcano

  • Desert

  • Waterfront

  1. Placement/Remove Click to install or retrieve the Farm.

  2. Favorite

  3. Terrain icon Indicates the terrain of the Farm.

  4. Farm Name

  5. Total Parameters / Maximum Total Parameters

  6. Various parameters

  7. Special Training Displays main parameters, sub-parameters, and decreasing parameters from left to right.

  8. Farm Enhancement If you have farm enhancement items, you can enhance various parameters.

  9. Farm Trait Farm Trait added to the placed Monster.

  10. Farm Name Change

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