Back Story

Climate change, environmental contamination, food scarcity, resource depletion, and numerous other factors have contributed to the ongoing degradation of Earth's environment.

Conversely, some individuals opt to relinquish their physical forms and inhabit the cyber world, anticipating improvements in the global ecological conditions.


The cyberspace, governed by artificial intelligence (AI), encompasses a diverse array of thematic stages, collectively referred to as the Metaverse. Within this realm, unburdened by physical limitations, individuals delight in assuming and embracing their preferred roles.

However, certain constraints persist within the cyber world. The operation of a cybernetic body necessitates computing and recording resources. Consequently, individuals demonstrating proficiency in their daily activities may be allocated increased resources, whereas those displaying less competence may receive reduced allocations.


Within the Metaverse of the cyber world, a gamified environment has been established, centered around the concept of raising monsters. Inhabitants assume the role of trainers, engaging in competition to demonstrate their prowess and expertise.

Today, will bring in yet another new trainer.

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