🏢Sector & Guild

In Re.Monster, there are two types: Sector and Guild. You must always belong to a Sector initially.

The Monster Association serves as a governing body for all trainers, and every player is automatically affiliated with it.

At the beginning of the game, you will be assigned to one of the Sectors. While there is no preference for any particular Sector, players should be aware of the following considerations:

  • Sector-competitive Ranking exists

  • Ranked matches take place with players belonging to different Sectors

  • Sector allocation is performed automatically for each Cycle

Guilds have the following features:

  • Guilds possess levels, and as players belonging to the guild accumulate Ranking Points, the experience points (EXP) grow. When the specified value is surpassed, the Guild's level increases.

  • As the Guild level rises, the maximum number of members allowed increases.

  • Creating a Guild requires a $OAS payment.

  • Changing the Guild’s name requires a $OAS payment.

  • Players can join a Guild regardless of their Sector affiliation.

  • In Ranked Matches, members of the same Guild will not face each other.

There is a possibility that in-game events will be held in the future for each Sector and Guild to participate in.

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