Battle UI

  1. Simple Parameters of the Monster

  2. Auto Mode

  3. Double Speed

  4. Surrender

  5. Moveable Range (green hexes)

  6. Turn and Action Order

  7. Action

Simple Parameters

  1. HP

    Becomes unable to battle when it reaches 0.

  2. ST (Stamina)

    Consumed when moving or using skills.

    Movement consumes 5 for the first hex, 7 for the second, and 9 for the third.

  3. Mental Buff/Debuff

  4. ID

  5. Upper row: Physical Buff

    Lower row: Physical Debuff

Turn and Action Order

  1. Current Action Monster

  2. Current Turn

  3. SPD (Speed)

    The order of action of the monsters is determined by the order of their SPD.SPD is reduced by Delay caused by skill use and Delay Damage caused by being hit by a skill, and the order of action changes in real time.

    Delay is reset when it is the monster's turn.

  4. ID

  5. Switching to the Next Turn


  1. Selectable Range of Skills

  2. Hit Rate on Target

  3. End of Action

  4. Consumed ST (Stamina)

  5. Element Icon

  6. Click for details

  7. Current HP/ST

  8. Move

    Used to return to movement after selecting a skill

  9. Knockback

  10. Defense

Simple Skill Details

  1. Skill Name

  2. Skill Rank

  3. Skill Type

  4. Element

  5. Level

  6. Enhancement Rate of Skills Due to Surplus ST

  7. Skill Parameters

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