Re.Monster does not issue its own fungible tokens (FTs), so the tokenomics exists only in NFTs.

All assets are issued and consumed as NFTs. Details of each NFT can be found in Assets.


Limited Amount Issued NFTs

Once the mint limit is reached, no more NFTs will be minted.

It will not be consumed in the game.

  • Each Genesis Hash

  • Each Farm NFT

Supply Capped NFTs

While there is no minting limit, once the circulation supply limit is achieved, no additional NFTs will be minted.

Upon reaching the limit, new NFTs will be issued through the in-game burning process.

  • Each General Hash

  • Each Training Item(High-Class)

  • Each Regeneration Item(High-Class)

  • Each Fusion Item(High-Class)

Unlimited Amount Issued NFTs

These will be issued without any limit, but will be consumed during gameplay.

  • Monster

  • Monster Crystal

  • Coach

  • Ticket

  • Each Training Item

  • Each Regeneration Item

  • Each Fusion Item

The Overall Asset Flow is as follows:

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