Tournaments can be entered if the Rank of the Monster matches. The following rules apply:

  • In-game time does not elapse when you compete

  • You cannot compete in the same Tournament in the same week.

  • Once a Monster has competed in a Tournament, they cannot compete in another Tournament until the following week.

  • Once a Monster has competed in a Tournament, the following changes occur:

    • Accumulation of fatigue

    • Increase or decrease in stress (decrease with victory, increase with defeat)

    • Consumption of lifespan

    • Determination of injuries

  • If bad statuses such as fatigue, stress, injury or disease occur, the basic parameters during battle will be negatively compensated. Each item is added in duplicate (up to -60%)

    • Tired: -10%

    • Overwork: -20%.

    • High stress: -10%.

    • Overstress: -20%

    • Injury: -10%

    • Sick: -10%

  1. Change display period

  2. Current week

  3. Week

  4. Tournament Rank

  5. Scheduled Tournament Click to view details. Tournaments that you have won in the past and tournaments that you have reserved are indicated by icons.

  6. Number of Tournament Tickets Held

  1. Tournament Rank

  2. Tournament Name Tournaments that you have won are marked with a victory icon on the right.

  3. Date

  4. Prize Prizes awarded for winning, multiplied by the number of Monsters participating in the tournament. The prize is upgraded by consuming a tournament ticket.

  5. Available Monsters An entry button will be displayed on each Monster during the week of the event.

  6. Conditions for Participation

  7. Tournament Ticket Checking the box consumes one tournament ticket and increases the grade of the prizes.

  8. Schedule/Cancel/Participation button

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