Select the contents of the Action. You must always select one of them.

The number in the upper left corner of each icon represents the in-game time (in weeks) that elapses.

  1. Basic Training One specific basic parameter will increase, and another basic parameter will also slightly increase.

  2. Special Training For each Farm, you can perform certain special training. One large increase, one small increase, and one small decrease in certain basic parameters. Fatigue and stress accumulate more than in basic training.

  3. Rest Resting monsters help relieve accumulated fatigue and stress.

  4. Intensive Training For more information, go to the Intensive Training page.

  5. Exploration For more information, go to the Exploration page.

  6. Hospital When Monster is injured or sick, BIT is consumed to treat the injury or sick, and a small amount of fatigue is recovered. Normal injuries or illnesses require 1 week of treatment, while serious or severe cases require 3 weeks of treatment.

    Furthermore, a visit to the hospital will reset the monster's nutritional status to its initial state.

    When Monster is not injured or sick, he does not have a choice of Hospital.

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