📄Monster Details


Mainly training parameters are displayed.

  1. Origin of the Monster

  2. Monster Name & Main/Sub Seed

  3. Monster Rank & Name

  4. Monster Name Change

  5. Main Seed

  6. Sub Seed

  7. Bad Status Display

  8. Each Training Parameter

  9. Personality

    Bonuses are applied to parameter changes during Training.

  10. Meal Preferences and Nutritional Status

  11. Terrain Compatibility

    The main seed has a greater impact.


It mainly displays Battle-related parameters.

  1. Types of Basic Parameters

  2. Current Parameters

  3. Current Rank

  4. Growth Potential

  5. Toggle between Radar Chart and Bar Graph

  6. Overall Ability

  7. Each Fixed Parameter

  8. Battle Count

    Accumulated in PvP, therefore unused in Closed Alpha

  9. Elemant Resistance

  10. Debuff Resistance


  1. Skill Cost

    The limit varies according to the Monster's rank. It starts at 30 for rank F and increases by 5 with each rank increase, up to a maximum of 60.

  2. Skill Slots

  3. Brief Details of Skills

  4. Skill Replacement

  5. Skill Removal

  6. Update of Skill Settings

  7. Click for Detailed Skill Display

  8. Innate Traits (details displayed on mouse hover)

  9. Acquired Traits (details displayed on mouse hover)

  10. Farm Traits (details displayed on mouse hover)

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