👀Game Vision

Within the world of Re.Monster, the vocation of monster trainers, who train and compete with these monsters, is highly esteemed. Contrary to their natural habitats, monsters are regenerated (born) from on-chain data, rather than existing in the wild. A diverse range of monsters can be discovered, acquired through a regeneration process from NFTs stored within a player's wallet.

Monsters regenerated by the user can be minted and be owned as NFTs. Various other items in the game can be also held as NFTs, enabling their use and trading.

Core Element

  1. Monster Regeneration from NFTs(Mint)

  2. Raising Monsters

  3. Monster Fusion

  4. Various Item Ownership and Utilization

  5. Land Possession (Farm)

  6. Battle (PvP, PvE) in a tournament

  7. Rankings (Individual, Sector, Guild)

  8. Communication Features: Sector, Guild, and Peer Interaction

Game Cycle

In Re.Monster, the game progresses around the raising of monsters.

Monsters possess a predetermined lifespan and are subject to consumption under various circumstances, making systematic training crucial for their development. Additionally, the game operates within a fixed time frame, with each action progressively advancing the passage of time.

  • Minimum unit of measure: 1 week

  • 1 month: 4 weeks

  • 1 year: 12 months

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