On the Home screen of Closed Alpha, the valid areas are as follows:

  1. User Information

  2. Owned BIT (in-game currency) Used at various times for raising.

  3. Settings Volume and language settings, and player information can be set.

  4. Bonus Receive login bonus, counted every 0:00 UTC.

  5. Farm Placement of Monsters in Farms and raising.

  6. Current in-game time Time is elapsed by raising. The tournaments (PvE) you can participate in change according to your in-game time.

  7. Monster Bag Check the list of monsters in your possession, and perform skill sets and other functions.

  8. Free Battle PvE with no penalty. Monsters placed in the Farm can participate in Free Battle. Enemy strength is determined by the maximum Rank of Monsters placed in the Farm.

  9. Quest Check daily quests and get rewards.

  10. Inventry Check the items in your possession.

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