Exploration and obtain items. Spending Exploration Tickets increases the possibility of acquiring highly effective advanced items.

Click to select a location for Exploration. Each location has its own terrain and BIT consumption. The Farm enhancement value is not applied in Exploration.

  1. Select Location[Map] Select each location by clicking on it.

  2. Select Location[Icon] Select each location by clicking on it. The alphabet and icon represent the required rank and terrain, respectively.

  3. Location

  4. Rank Require Cannot be selected if the rank of Monster is less than the required rank

  5. Terrain Compatibility Terrain compatibility with Monster. Affects the variation of training parameters and the rate at which items are found.

  6. Rise Parameters A basic parameter that is increased by exploration. The larger the triangle, the greater the increase. The amount of increase here is not affected by Growth Potensial.

  7. Cost

  8. Recommend Total Parameter Recommended total parameters of the exploration. The basic parameters referenced for each location are multiplied by a correction value, and the probability of finding an item is calculated from the sum of the two. Higher values increase the probability of finding an item, while lower values decrease it.

  9. Item Available items. The left side is easy to obtain and the right side is hard to obtain.

  10. Ticket By consuming exploration tickets, it is possible to increase the bottom of various probabilities. There are three ways to use them.

    • increase in the probability of finding items

    • increase the probability of upgrading from Common to Uncommon (maximum of 4 tickets)

    • increase the probability of upgrading from Uncommon to Rare (maximum of 4 tickets)

  11. Select

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