In Re.Monster, $OAS serves as the base currency (FT) and is utilized in various situations. Players can use $OAS for various activities.
Time of Use
  • Monster Mint
  • NFT Repair (NFT Regeneration Healing)
  • Shop(Primary Distribution)
  • Market(Secondary Distribution)
  • Guild Creation
  • Changing a Guild Name
  • In-game currency purchase
Due to the inability to control $OAS prices within the game economy, in-game costs may fluctuate significantly based on market conditions. To address this, we obtain the $OAS price from the 7-day TEMA at 0:00 UTC daily and then calculate the required amount in dollar terms.
Dollar amount of $OAS to be used in Game
Cost ($)
Monster Mint(1st Time)
Monster Mint(2nd Time)
Monster Mint(3rd Time)
Genesis Mint(1st Time)
Genesis Mint(2nd Time)
Genesis Mint(3rd Time)
Genesis Mint(4th Time)
Genesis Mint(5th Time)
NFT Repair
Creating a Guild
Changing a Guild’s Name

In-Game Currency

In Re.Monster, there is an in-game currency separate from the base currency (FT).
Time of Use
  • Monster's Meal Costs
  • Intensive Training
  • Exploration
  • Monster Fusion
  • Crystalization
  • Farm Expansion
  • Shop(Primary Distribution)


Tickets for Tournaments (Ranked Match) and for Exploration are available.
Consumed Number
Tournament Ticket
Increases rank of tournament prizes
Ranked Match
Tournament Ticket
Participate in Ranked Matches (up to 3 battles per Ticket)
Exploration (Probability of finding C increase)
Exploration Ticket
Increases the chances of finding items
Exploration (Probability of finding UC increase)
Exploration Ticket
Increases the probability of found items to be uncommon (UC)
Exploration (Probability of finding R increase)
Exploration Ticket
Increases the probability of found items to be rare (R)