This is a base for raising Monsters. By using Coaches and items, you can enhance your Farm and make it easier to raise your Monsters. It can be expanded up to three times, and when participating in tournament battles with multiple Monsters, you need to expand your Farm and place your Monsters in each one.

Placing Farm NFTs will provide special effects for Monster development, but the strengthening effects through the Coach will be separate for each Farm.


Through the process of fusion, a new monster can be created by combining two existing monsters. The main and sub monsters are selected during fusion, and the resulting monster is determined accordingly. The fused monster inherits some of the basic parameters and traits of its source monsters. Various effects can be achieved by utilizing specific items during the fusion process.

The fusion process can be initiated even if the monster still has remaining lifespan, but Monster Memory will not be available to obtain.


Crystals can be createed using monsters that have reached the end of their lifespan. Each crystal can be used only once to boost a single monster, resulting in an increase in basic parameters and acquisition of traits.

At the same time, Monster Memory is obtained.

Turn into a Coach

You can transform a Monster that has reached the end of its lifespan into a Coach, which can then be used to enhance each training at the Farm and apply a correction factor to the ability fluctuation.

At the same time, Monster Memory is obtained.

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